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We strive to produce affectionate Australian Shepherd Puppies keeping the breed healthy with temperament and structure within the standards required by the FCI / AKC that will be exceptional family dogs and excellent working dogs.

Australian Shepherd Puppies


Puppies are amazing and we always make sure they become part of loving families. All of our dogs are born and raised at home, because we understand the importance of socialization and early development. Puppies also experience many new things during the first 8 weeks, being presented in different colors, shapes, sounds, movements and tactile sensations following the protocol suggested by “The Puppy Socialization Plan” and recorded in video and photo on our social media profiles.

Each breeding is planned well in advance and selected to produce dogs with good genetics looking for the best of this passionate breed. Raising a litter requires a lot of effort, energy and enthusiasm. Our puppies are delivered to the new owners accompanied by the Pedigree, Puppy Information Pack with important information about the puppy and his parents, Purchase and sale agreement, copy of the exam certificates suggested for the breed by the OFA and The Kennel Club carried out on the parents, microchipped, vaccination started, deworming protocol started and first flea treatment applied in addition to the food he is consuming enough for about 1 week, enough in case a change in feeding is necessary she can happen gradually. Our puppies will be released to their new home when they reach 8 weeks of age.

Our Litters

Hannah Puppies 2024

April 25, 2024

Hannah & Basil 2024

Photo of our puppies. This photo is a Button to access the puppies page

November 9, 2020

Thoreau & Emma 2020

Emma Puppies 2022

January 25, 2021

Thoreau & Emma 2022


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