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We are Australian Shepherd Breeder located in the UK, dedicated to the breed standard and to raise dogs at the full potential. Our goal is to keep the breed healthy, with temperament and structure within the standards required by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) / American Kennel Club (AKC). We take desensitization and socialization very seriously by working with puppies from the day they are born and we invest a lot in finding the best possible match between each pup’s personality and the demands of their potential new owners. We operate under the Syntropy kennel name registered with The Kennel Club with which we are affiliated, we are member of the Australian Shepherd Club of the UK (ASCUK) and member of the National Australian Shepherd Association (NASA) always breeding within the required standards. We are passionate about the Australian Shepherd breed, especially each one of our puppies. It’s not easy to let them go, but selecting new owners very carefully and keeping in close contact makes it possible, otherwise we’d keep them all with us! If you come to the Walden Family, you can be sure that we will keep in close contact throughout your puppy’s life.


We are a couple in love with what we do, determined to produce the most amazing Australian Shepherds and give them the best possible life, I, Gilberto Pompeu, have always been passionate about animals, especially dogs. Growing up surrounded by them, dogs always held a special place in my heart. It was during my time as a biology student that I decided to dedicate my life to breeding Australian Shepherds.

This breed, which is not only beautiful but also highly intelligent, resilient, strong, and possessing an incredible personality, became my primary focus and nearly an obsession. This passion led me to extensive study and research and eventually brought me into contact with Marcia Bertero from Kennel Wind Spirit. Marcia is an exceptional breeder with numerous significant international achievements, and her work has left a profound mark on the history of the breed. Fortunately, she operates in São Paulo, Brazil, just a six-hour drive from my hometown. Our partnership in this project has not only been incredibly fruitful but has also fostered a deep friendship.

Gilberto and Thoreau

We at Walden Kennel owe a lot to the careful advice from Marcia e Beatriz Bertero and to everyone from the Wind Spirit kennel team. In 2016, Jéssica Pompeu, my wife and great partner, and I got Thoreau for our family, which only increased the excitement, dedication and passion for this project. In 2018 we started moving from Rio de Janeiro here to Cambridge, already with Emma in our family. Currently we are a small kennel, with only one couple, but because we decided to do this way, little by little, because we believe that a lot of learning is achieved during the process. We intend to continue fixing our roots here in England, most likely moving a little more to the countryside and continue improving and expanding our kennel, but without haste and always with each step very well thought out before being taken.


Ten Steps to a Healthier Australian Shepherd Breed


Step 1

I recognize that genetic disease is a longstanding fact in the Australian Shepherd breed. Only through open and honest communication and sharing of accurate information can we, the breeders and guardians of this breed, improve the overall genetic health and significantly reduce the incidence of genetic diseases in the breed we love.

Step 2

I support the open disclosure of all health issues that affect the Australian Shepherd, utilizing publicly accessible canine health registries in the country of my residence whenever possible.

Step 3

I openly and publicly disclose all information in my possession about the health issues that have been produced by my dogs and dogs from my breeding, and also those health issues where a significant risk factor may exist.

Step 4

If I receive information about a new genetic issue in connection with my dogs or breeding, I work to the best of my ability to notify the purchasers/owners of dogs that are related to the dog with the new issue.

Step 5

I support and assist other breeders in their disclosure efforts.

Step 6

I do not speak ill of any breeder or breeding program that has produced an affected Australian Shepherd.

Step 7

I compassionately support and assist owners of affected dogs in the gathering of information on the genetic diseases that have stricken their dogs.

Step 8

I support research studies for genetic diseases in Australian Shepherds, submitting biological samples from dogs in my kennel or of my breeding when they are available and applicable for the study. I encourage others to do the same.

Step 9

Before being bred, all of my dogs are DNA profiled with an accredited laboratory and the results made public, if such services are available within my country, or before my stock is exported to a country that has DNA profiling available.

Step 10

I will have my dogs screened for genetic diseases, as recommended on the ASHGI web site, by veterinarians who have the proper certification. I support the recording of test results in open registries and as they become available to me, I will post my results. As new genetic tests for Australian Shepherds become available, I will submit my breeding stock for those tests.

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Our puppy pack is finally ready, made with lots of love and care! Our precious Australian Shepherd puppies are now ready to go to their new homes 💚

Designed by @wonderpus

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Puppies 6 weeks 😍🥳❤️

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Puppies 5 weeks 🥳❤️😍

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